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New Boilers

According to the Energy Savings Trust, having the correct boiler for your heating system could save you up to £340 per year on your energy bills.

The benefits of a new boiler far outweigh the initial installation costs: it will save you money, add value to your property, give you peace of mind, ensure that you are getting the best experience out of your heating system, and it will benefit the environment.

At MTS, we assure our customers that the investment of a new boiler will indeed pay for itself in the future.

Worcester Bosch

For six years running, Worcester boilers won the Which? Best Buy Award and customers voted themselves as the Most Satisfied Customers in the Which? Boiler Survey.

MTS are proud to specialise in installing Worcester Bosch boilers. I have fitted numerous Worcester boilers in the Exeter area.

Whether you are looking for gas, propane or oil types, combi, system, or regular boilers, I will help find the right model type and size for you. I will clearly explain the range of boilers on offer, avoiding unnecessary jargon and advising on the best options for your circumstances.

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